Value Driven Stories

Unicorns and small and medium-sized businesses have something in common. They need to build brands and sell products and services to customers. In addition to the complex digital infrastructure and various media-based publicity methods, value-based selling is the most effective. The customer wants and needs come first and should be directly addressed, buyers being kings and queens. Authentic customer-based selling motivates loyalty that may last generations. An educated recipient can detect fake and spurious offers.

The concept is not so simple since it embraces economic and social values and functional and psychological values. Concentrating on one approach is fine, but all of them play a part. All the body parts function together, after all. Some critical value-driven systems:

  • Sharing over social media
  • Simple inspiring messages
  • Audience-generated ideas and comments
  • Establishing communal connections
  • Call-to-actions that arouse curiosity

Address the ideal customer, but many millions make up the audience unless starting small with the local community. How can customers be convinced?

  • Company value systems that resonate with them
  • Proof that the company honors its promises
  • Engaging and relatable interactions
  • Harmonious give and take to attract trust

Visual appeal drives success

A mighty industry supports advertising and packaging, videos, films and garments, makeup and construction, to consider a few appealing ones. Why are they important? They all represent the image! Visual storytelling works most effectively, as the billions would agree.

Value-driven stories work like a charm

Stories’ appeal can be seen and felt daily on television and online. Little anecdotes lasting a few seconds with a plot and characters, actions, and backdrop succeed in mysteriously alluring ways. Whether it is hair dye, razors, or sanitary stuff, expertly shot clever stories attract like honey. Audiences feel motivated by a touch of humor, whether they buy or not. Publicity and goodwill have been achieved, and that is a good beginning.

How does a marketing professional construct those value-driven stories to wield powerful impact and attract loyalty? Products and services, in many cases, have histories, some decades old. For instance, a collection of precise data could wow audiences regarding sales. Significant human or animal characters often provide the focus in certain situations. Delve into the details if needed but keep it soft, short, and sweet. Processes of manufacture or opinions online offer valuable insights with pointed samples.

A chief character or protagonist is a must in the story. Commence with the most significant action. Next comes the conflict or opposing forces when obstacles are destroyed with a particular product or service. Make it sound heartfelt and authentic. A man uses a phone on an island via satellite.

Identify the target audience. Social media provides ample opportunities to address the youth, middle age or seniors, women or men. Lead generation works with suitable approaches and sometimes provides LTV. Paid Ads should justify the Return on Ad Spend. Mind the Key Performance Indicators that should be SMART which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Humor attracts close attention

Humor may be complex, but it is universally accepted to be essential. Not only do comedies need laughter, but it is also necessary for daily life situations. The ability to smile and laugh off trivial problems wakes you to profound truths.

In a world of excessive data

At first glance, it would appear that caring and values, communication, and targets are lost amidst the mighty data load nowadays. Look anywhere, and all that is visible is digital overload. It is an age-old truth that things are not what they appear to be. Dig deeper, and the values are visible. The secret to attracting customers to products and services lies in driving home values and establishing relationships. Stories with genuine deals succeed the most.

Feeling for clients, appreciating their hardships, and suggesting solutions attract them like a magnet. It would appear to be basic lessons that even the neighborhood little shop should follow. Isn’t it so?

Give audiences what they want

Feel the pulse of the target population and cut the cloth according to the measurements. Choose between apples and oranges according to audience preferences. Research seems to be never-ending as Big Data often overwhelms. Yet, it does not take too long to get to the basics. Culture, religion, language, and political systems should provide a starting framework. Burger and pizza must include local flavors to succeed in the region rather than international recipes!

Which strategies do not succeed?

While plain common sense indicates the dire need for pictorial value-based stories to attract client attention, most companies fail. Either they do not stress the values, are entirely lost in materialistic plans, or are too busy with organization and technical details. At the basic level, companies should know customer expectations, preferences, motivations, and values. AI comes to aid and simplifies the process with decisions made based on big data. The problem is that too many organizations exist and too many people.

Cold, hard facts and figures do not sway customers. It would help if you had warmth and feeling along with a genuine concern for their well-being. The company policy and philosophy should give clients the gift of a better life. How to express those concerns via media? The first hurdle is branding and credibility. Rather than emblems and slogans, concrete offices, and alluring websites, embrace customers and speak to them like brothers and sisters. Clarity of communication, even via a few words like WE GROW TOGETHER, resonates with the crowd. Don’t forget the following:

  • Personalization
  • Charity
  • Empathy
  • Engagement
  • Micro-interactions

Building bridges

Know customers well first. What are their careers and interests? Are they primarily farmers or sailors, sportspersons, or engineers? What values are they concerned about? What attracts them to your brand?

Recognize your company’s strengths and weaknesses. What places the company apart? What is the USP?

Recognize the competition realistically. Several companies deliver the same products and services for sure.

AI succeeds very well as a builder of bridges. What are customers saying about company products and services? Travel the social media circuits, reviews, and ratings.

Launch creative story narratives

Brand Positioning amidst intense competition has transformed into fine art! A/B testing helps compare the differing impacts of similar stories. Creative and fulfilling Content Strategy by the experts could conveniently fit into various media, print, and digital signage and be easy to recognize. When Conversion Rate is soaring, it seems worth the effort. Customer Relationship Management requires intense effort to keep the show going eternally.

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