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It’s a common myth nowadays that SEO is dead and doesn’t prove to be a good marketing tactic. It is used to significant effect by many companies still today. But before anything else, let’s learn about SEO to dig deep into it!

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s language, it is a tool to analyze searches on the search engine and to recommend users webpages best suited to their search. Whenever a search is done, bots are used by search engines to collect information regarding the examination. Those bots have the job of putting forward the best website with the most appropriate information. The order in which websites appear after an investigation is all due to the bots. They arrange them in the order with the best-provided information to the least wanted one.

Are they as relevant as they were once?

The answer is a big Yes. It is still very relevant and, if not more relevant than ever been. According to statistics, 53% of the traffic is generated from organic web searches. That’s a considerable portion of the traffic generated just because of SEOs. Nowadays, zero-click searches are increasing a lot, all thanks to SEOs. Even without necessary clicks, search engines bring accurate information. Zero-click searches include featured snippets, instant answers, and the knowledge panel. We often search for something and end up with a lot more on the snippets, on the knowledge panel on the sides, and even get suggestions. SEOs, as always, do these!

How do you prepare a site to be more relevant to SEOs?

To prepare a site to be recommended by SEOs, you can use these tips to get help. Firstly, you need to understand what the user is asking for. It becomes easier to identify what to add and avoid on the website. Target some keywords just as People also ask and Suggest to get to know what they are looking for. Secondly, create content as well as if you’re a specialist. The E-A-T principle will explain this a lot better this way. E- Expertise, A-Authority, T- Trustworthiness.

Expertise is meant for you to be the absolute best in creating content you’re good at! Let it be anything, be the one anyone can trust, especially in something you’re writing content on. Authority means you have to write dependable content. Creating content that’s of excellent quality and great quality content is always recommended by SEOs to users. Trustworthiness implies that you need to make just what the users want. You don’t add less content but more accurate content. To-the-point information with added clearness and conciseness is essential.

Also, try incorporating voice search options in your website as well. Nowadays, voice search is being used widely by many people worldwide. Adding this will require you to check quite some things. Firstly, survey what kind of questions users generally ask. Optimize them for the local searches, i.e., searches that are most relevant for that location.

Try to make mobile friendly SEO website. As most users use their mobile phones to access websites, this will be very beneficial to improve the visibility of the websites and attract more users. As per statistics, 60% of all internet searches are made from mobile devices. There are numbers to back it up!

A bit of research

PPC does not apply to online business alone. The best approach nowadays would be a combination of the physical store and a website that work together. Not all trust online worlds and processes. One study found that 79% of businesses find that paid search marketing helps to build business futures. In 2017, about 7 million advertisers spent over $10 billion on PPC ads.

What is Machine Learning?

It is an essential topic in SEO. As the name suggests, this is precisely the same as machine learning! Not that actual working machines learn, but it stores all the information and algorithms in the search engine to know more and recommend more relevant information to the users. It makes SEO more efficient in recommending web pages to a specific search. We often see this in Google, don’t we? I am a huge Leo Messi fan, so I search a lot more of his highlights on the internet. Now, the search engine recommends me more of that content, all thanks to ML in SEO.

What’s next for SEO in this world of ever-growing technology?

Every day, a new technology comes into this world, and the recent tech often gets outdated. But SEO is something that is going to be around for some time. It’s more important than ever and impacts the market nowadays. It is a myth demystified now!

The new beast: Google Search Algorithms

Now, this is something day by day. Although very underrated in this world, these algorithms do all the job of gathering the website for us to see. Almost every day, Google evolves those pre-existing algorithms, making them faster, more efficient, and more intelligent. The newly added Spam algorithm helps a lot in avoiding malicious websites which may cause damage to the user. It is something that is going to improve every year and is less likely to become irrelevant in the future. Surely it will be even more critical in the future than it is nowadays!

Google algorithms help sort websites by traffic as well, a beneficial one to generate even more traffic in websites, eventually leading to more revenue generation. So, if the E-A-T principle is followed perfectly, it can bring about massive traffic along with those algorithms!

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website to the other. These are like votes: the more backlinks the website has, it will get ranked higher in the search ratings. A vote means that the content is good and very usable. They formed the foundation of Google’s search algorithm, known as PageRank. There are different types of backlinks intended for various purposes: for example, there are Quality Backlinks to focus on SERPs. And mention that those votes, so-called “Links,” must be from a high-quality website. Otherwise, it’s not worth that much.

What are SEO Tools? How do they help?

SEO tools are something that keeps track of all the data and the overall health of the website. They can identify weaknesses or some issues which may prevent the specific webpage from going up the SERP ranks. Some of the best SEO Tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Internet Networking ninjas.

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