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Isn’t it a starkly digital and mechanical world as far as the eye can see? AI, VR, AR, and Machine Learning happen automatically with software programming. That might be an advantage of greater efficiency and near-perfect performance like the robots are capable of. Yet, something seems lacking, and that is the human element.

When it comes to brand building, too, plenty of television advertisements concentrate on data and impersonal approaches. The depressing impression is of a world that has forgotten to live and breathe. Where are the hearts and souls of billions of humanity?

Start planning even before the launch

Long-established brands do not lack that human connection since they commenced before digital conquests happened. Society has gone sterile today, like a battlefield, which is something to worry about. Planning a garment-manufacturing business, how do you convince customers that they should buy yours? Advertising campaigns and brand ambassadors need feelings and a spirit that speaks to the hearts of buyers. That might be easy, but you must embed it in the company policy and philosophy. One solution is a celebrity the public associates with charitable and people-friendly work.

Staying ahead

Pioneering ideas and intense creativity help brands stay ahead. While developing a distinctive personality and logo, copy and lifestyle are the basics, as if creating a novel culture. Each little brand does represent a new direction even though the industry is full of garment makers. Don’t you feel the tangible difference between shopping in the mall?

The agile marketing approach combines the latest technology with fresh and stimulating viewpoints. That might extend to designs, shades, text, short films, digital signage, and hoardings. Worthy experiences, even if lasting for moments, break new ground and destroy the barriers of conventional thought. Remaining within social limits is advised because ultra-modern approaches can damage reputations, like the many scandals in the media.

Build relationships that last

Assuming that products and services have reached the zenith of quality, the brand-building exercise remains. The problem is bridge-building, not one that carries thousands of passengers each day. The little virtual bridges need to connect with millions of lives, only some of whom will buy the offering. Conversations and experiences help build those invisible links that might translate to lifelong loyalty.

Values and storytelling reach the furthest

The media everywhere is full of narratives, as if the whole world is busy talking! The clever, informed society is now quite aware of social and environmental problems. They resonate together when authentic stories are shared and can quickly identify fakes. It attracts attention if the company donates to building schools or hospitals in remote areas.

Not digital assistants, but human feedback brings the best results. Social media plays a significant role since there is people-people contact. It is a living, breathing, readymade audience that you select according to the requirements of age groups, genders, and interests. Fire on social media with blazing guns will not go in vain.

Start by comparing a few adverts commonly seen in various media forms. Some are fanciful, others starkly mercenary, some humorous, and others farcical. One way or the other, they are succeeding, though in various degrees. Some adverts hibernate for a while and keep coming back now and then. Others play several times a day! The primary lesson is that while anything will do to frame publicity gimmicks, they do not succeed without personalization, humor, artistic values, and digital labor.

What happens after shopping?

The phenomenon is not new but it deserves to practice in better ways to establish a personal relationship with customers. Selling the product or service with all the formalities and warranties is not the end. It is only the beginning. Eat a pizza in the store or order home delivery, and feedback is requested. Many buyers do not respond but nurturing is required to create a realistic effect. Otherwise, how is selling different from a one-time hit-and-run affair?

Ambassadors of goodwill

No wonder companies spend fortunes on appointing celebrity references. The event may be a live workshop physically or online, a TV short, or a newspaper full-page dramatic glossy advert. Soon enough, customers associate the celebrity with the product, dress or shoes, food, or game. A human connection has been established and will stand the test of time.

The ‘developing trust’ challenge

A company dedicated to social and environmental concerns is bound to succeed in attracting clientele. Deloitte’s consumer survey clarifies such thinking among 80% of consumers. If the product or service directly relates to such concerns, it is a great advantage, like the plant and fodder business. A tobacco manufacturing company, on the other hand, would have many eyebrows raised and brand ambassadors receive dirty comments.

With suitable humane approaches, each consumer becomes a living advert for the company, and millions exist for smartphones! Emotions come into play, for sure. Set up communities offline and on social media. Collaborate with the community and customize the involvement with personal approaches. Scatter incentives to attract. Speak a sweet language.

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